Social Entrepreneurship for Roma Communities

The European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE) has shared the principal findings of a study based on the impact of its Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) tool and how it contributes towards goals set in the framework of the EU’s 2020 Strategy. These results were presented on 17 November 2016 at the European Parliament, with the support of MEP Jens Nilsson.

Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) are active measures designed to integrate disadvantaged people into the labour market, offering vocational trainings and turning the public costs of supporting disadvantaged people into an investment generating economic and social return.

The study underlined the success of WISEs in promoting integration across different sectors of employment. WISEs have a success of 65% with regards to improving individuals’ labour market integration. In 2015, in the 807 WISEs examined (across 9 EU member states and covering 12 954 disadvantaged workers):

  • 48.5% found a job (either in a WISE or in the mainstream labour market)
  • 16.5% became self-entrepreneurs or enrolled in professional training.
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